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It's a sad loss for me. It has really accelerated in the last five years to a point where without the aides, I hear slurring. I can't really listen to music anymore since the base tones have been destroyed. The aides allowed me back into the conversation but crowds are still unworkable. It's part of why I no longer teach.

Getting your hearing checked is actually important. There are follicles on the eardrum that the brain checks in on in a rapid stacatto. As follicles die due to age, abuse, whatever the brain slows down the checking and actually stops. At that point hearing aides may assist with the ones that remain but unless the follicles are stimulated somehow, you just lose it all. So my audiologist told me if I had come in back some time, my hearing would actually be a lot better today. It's not. Without the hearing aides, I live in my head.

They're expensive. Mine ran $6K for the two. I got a middle range quality. I love them. I have a microphone that sits by the TV and I can broadcast it directly into my head. I can hang it around someone's neck in a car and we can talk. Yet another insult from aging. Wear hearing protection.
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