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Backto cleaningn blowpopes

When i was teaching, we had up to 60 kids using the same tools. There was a solution called Medchem that was used to sterilize glass thermometers, remember those. Every use of a blowpipe required a dip into a bottle of the stuff that had about 3 inches of solution. Then a drip out and wipe before going on. Amazingly we never had an outbreak of any kind in the glass shop. New solution every day courtesy of the school nurse. Not sure what they are doing now, but Im sure they aren't taking any chances,

We have only done BYO with closed family groups and do use a blowhose for our own work, rather than team blowing on the mouthpiece.

Now, we are closing our gallery except by appointment, and will start by wiping the door knob before unlocking and asking that items not be handled by customers until they are bought. Not the most personal arrangement and may not work for long.

At 75 just yesterday, I don't need to prove anything any more. But I do have solar electric and veg oil still available for a while, and a supply of SP and color to play with. Lighting still does seem to be a market but a fickle customer base. I do still enjoy playing in the shop when it isn't too hot, but am ready to take some time off to see how the current situation plays out. Food will be a main focus for us. Im not a doomsdayer but am taking this seriously and don't want to waste my resources, and I do grow the best coffee I have ever tasted.
Aloha, Hugh
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