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Jeez, I was making arrangments for it to go to Madison Ct since Mundy thought the drive to be a bit too far. I'm encouraging Mundy to join craftweb. He's one one the old guys who went to China and now has a building filled with batch chemicals he wants to dispose of.
You, as you know have the lead monosilicate in your possession. You just can't get it anymore except in Shanghai and good luck getting there to do it. Then you have to import it, which you can't.
So I'll be able to make gold rubies and the dense black for rod. I will sell some but much I'll put away for my casting future.

Our governor just closed the state down until May 4th. MB and I don't notice much since we never go out. You taking in the lead is an enormous help. Thank you/ He has a bunch more stuff.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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