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Max if you thinking about working out of the end of a shipping container Iíd give it a little more thought. I do like the picture you posted with two roll up doors but it could be just side walls from the container that lift up to make some additional covered space. To work out of one end of the shipping container would be really uncomfortable. The containers themselves are easy to modify. After you make the first cut weld on your hinges then make the other cuts. Frame it out and Bobís your aunty.

Just a thought maybe itís the beer talking but why donít you just set up under the carport and start blowing glass? The rest will figure itself out through necessity. Thatís the way Iíve always rolled that and the belief that those that say it canít be done should get out of the way of the ones doing it. If your worried about sidewards rain put some tin on a wall. Need a hood some metal 2x4s and a little more tin. Privacy from the neighbor a few panels of privacy fence. Who cares what it looks like itís your place and if not just donít attach anything to the building. Donít make obstacles for yourself overthinking it. If you want to do it nothing happens until you get started. Post some pictures I know Iím not the only one that started out on dirt floors and big dreams. Just charged the furnace after a great night of making fun stuff. I really do love what we do it fills the soul.
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