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Originally posted by Pete VanderLaan
Ben, you are going to have volition loss in the batch. Don't complicate your life by messing with the formula weights and percentages. If you mix too much, store it til next time.
I smell what you're stepping in. However, if I use the formula as originally posted and only need, say half of it, how can I be sure that the portion I'm working with is homogenous? I know that sounds silly, and I bet the answer to that is in print, but I'm waiting to read my recently purchased copy of Glass Notes until I get really bored at the in-laws' house during Thanksgiving -- which should take about two hours or so after dinner.

Oh and because it seems some of these chemicals for batch are hygroscopic, let me contribute a link (I'm unaffiliated, mind you) that might help keep your stored materials dry: You can protect up to 66 cubic feet of enclosed space with their biggest product. And each unit can be reactivated.

Glad to hear that pics are on the way, Dave. Servin' up the virgins.
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