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Thanks for the powder blue trick Pete!!!!!!

I always prefer homemade to store bought.

The simplest things are often the most elegant....and so difficult to spot for the uninitiated. It does take serious experience to get to the essence of things.

And, of course, I'm just finishing my third trip up and down in temp from 2200 to 1800F with the no antimony batch and there are STILL a few seeds in there. I think one more cycle would get it but it's for c-balls so it's going to get used as it is..... Lesson learned.....

No more no antimony batches unless I absolutely have to for reduction colors. This stuff WITH antimony will squeeze in 4-5 hours by just turning it down from melt temp. at 2200 to 1800F and then back to work temp. at 2050F. That's just too easy to do without.

I'm amazed the reduction colors don't cost more than they do, considering the time and energy useage required to squeeze the seeds. I've got a whole new respect for them now.

More Pete questions...

You mentioned some silver colors as being in the unoxidised category. which ones?

Could you use sodium flouride to lower the glass viscosity, assuming you compensated for the sodium it was adding? Just thinking along the no spars line, or does the fluorspar make for easier calculations/less error possibility at the scale?

How much flourine do you want for this? I know there are unoxidised color melts in my future. I'm just a big ol' sucker for a really good ruby.

I'm assuming if we're melting without antimony due to reduction requirements, and we're going to lower the viscosity with fluorine, that the seeds have to float to the top as opposed to going into solution as with the antimony? Or, if we're still going up and down in temp., then some of the seeds do go into solution?


Good decision!

I get to Corning every now and then...we'll visit ...and remind me to tell you some of the enviro enforcement horror stories.

Art is not a's a way.

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