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I've posted about this elsewhere on the board, but this is a good topic.

I recently finished building a small studio (10' by 14') with a 40lb electric wire furnace. The furnace was built according to the plans from Mark Lauckner (Mayne Island Glass). This furnace design is very small (1 cu ft heating chamber, 25" cube outside dimensions).

I too melted cullet, but had a disaster on my first melt, so the furnace is down for repair (details on under the glassblowing link).

I'm going to melt Spruce Pine batch once the furnace is repaired. There's a lot of people here in Calgary melting Spruce Pine (about 1/2. The rest are using "Seattle Batch"), so there's plenty of expertise locally - although they use gas furnaces.

So - I'm using a very similar setup (but smaller), so once I'm up and running we should compare notes.


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