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David Paterson
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The reason I started this thread was to get feedback from anyone melting batch in a wire furnace.

So far, I have yet to get a serious response and would still like to hear from anyone melting batch.

In regards to the moly debate, there are a few issues I would comment on.

The inside of my furnace is about 19" across and 15" deep, and I have a 16" diameter pot in it. Seems to be a pretty efficient use of space, and the pot is evenly heated on all sides. Could you do this with moly, or would you need a much larger interior space for the same size crucible to get even heating?

Larger spaces cost more to heat. What would the KW draw be on a moly furnace that would evenly heat a 16" diameter crucible to melt about 100 lbs of glass? Mine idles at 2000F at about 4.5 KW.

Since I am using variable transformers, I believe I have the system that is easiest of all on wire elements. I set an exact output voltage, and the furnace stabilizes at a certain temperature.

It seems to me that 8 monthes to a year on a set of elements is pretty good. I wound my own elements out of 13 guage A1 for about $15.00 each on a bench lathe. They take about 15 minutes each. Cant do that with moly, so what do they cost? Nothing lasts forever. Right now my wire furnace is a secondary furnace, so I intend to shut it down at least a few times per year anyway, and will replace the elements at some point as regular maintenance for the grand total of $60.00.

It seems to me that there is a continual search for "The Best" in technology, when in fact the best is sometimes the simplest.
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