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David Paterson
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I didnt mean to insult anybody over their responses. I was hoping someone had melted batch for a year in a well designed wire melter and had some insight on element life.

To further the moly debate a little, consider this:

My furnace consists of less than 90 insulating firebrick, 3'' X 4.5" X 9" each, a few bags of insulating castable for the floor, and a few boxes of fibre blanket. Total cost was not a lot more than the $600.00 for 4 moly elements, and that doesnt include the expensive transformers that moly needs.

My furnace draws about 5 KW at 2150F, apparently half of a small moly furnace. The trick is that I have no crown, reducing the interior space to be heated by about 50%. The lid is made of 3" thick IFB mortered together in an angle iron frame, with 1" of fibre on top. The lid rolls back and forth on angle iron channels. I intend to automate it using an air cylinder.

Perhaps you can see where I am going with this: For a similer construction and operating cost, you could run two wire furnaces for the price of one moly furnace. I am not sure at that point that there is any advantage to moly at all. In fact the reverse would seem to be true.
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