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Originally posted by David Paterson

To further the moly debate a little, consider this:
Perhaps you can see where I am going with this: For a similer construction and operating cost, you could run two wire furnaces for the price of one moly furnace. I am not sure at that point that there is any advantage to moly at all. In fact the reverse would seem to be true.
I don't consider it a debate at all, it's a choice. The first one of these that I built is now over six years old, costs less than $250.00 monthly to run at $.065 KWH and has the origional elements.

The only maintenance it has had is to replace pots.

For short term use or projects etc, I would heartily reccomend a wire melter, I am using one right now because I didn't have the power or money available to build the big moly that is under construction right now, I am looking at the next ten years, and using really good castables, great electronics, high quality componants. When this thing is up and running, I want to blow glass out of it and I know it will make the best quality I can have because it will reach the temps I need every day and it will not have to be torn down until the pot change.

Can you blow lots of glass out of a wire melter? HELL YES! Parker Stafford and Sam Davisson do it all the time, and they know thier maintenance schedules religiously and stick to all the little tricks to make it work.
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