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I use a Watlow controller and two digital relays on my wire furnace.

The default settings for the Watlow controller have it powering the elements for a small burst every second or so.

I have both my annealer and furnace running the same controller setups (just different thermocouples), and it works great.

Power consumption is not totally known yet, but I can fire up both and the main 40A breaker does not trip.

My furnace is built according to the Mark Lauckner plans, although I use a different element size and configuration.

The nice thing about Mark's plans is that the element heating chamber is covered - this protects it from the "normal" glass environment.

Just not from spillovers

I will be melting batch once the furnace is repaired. According to what I've read here (thanks Pete) and what Ben re-iterated just a post or so ago, there's no reason to avoid batch in one of these units.


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