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David Paterson
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I am not angry. Sometimes a little exageration helps to make a point.

I have built 6 tank furnaces in my life (3 were invested pot furnaces). And now this wire melter.

If I had known years ago what I know now, I wouldnt have worked nearly as hard to pay the giant gas bills that some of my earlier furnaces sucked up.

For any glassblower that still blows their own glass, big energy bills for that "porsche" simply mean you work harder. North America consumes something like a third of all the worlds energy. Our economy is so closelty tied to oil prices that every run up in oil prices has caused a recession. To work your ass off, instead of life being easier, from the consumption of lots of energy doesnt make a whole lot of sense.

A friend of mine bought a Correll furnace. The price delivered to Canada was about $20,000 Can dollars. I built my wire melter for a little over $1000. I was originally quite impressed with the Correll furnace. The heat recouperator appeared to be almost a stroke of genius. So I was quite surprised at how innefficient it seemed to be compared to a cheap invested pot furnace, or now an even cheaper and safer wire melter.

After you mix yourself a drink from that aquifer, I would challenge you to design a moly furnace that melts 100 lbs of glass and runs on 5 KW per hour instead of 10. It probably is possible.

And further, to find a way around the strange power requirements of moly when first heated that require expensive transformers, perhaps using some type of readily available surplus part.
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