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well david, you leave out the replacement costs of your elements and you leave out your color bill which for most glassworkers I know starts at about 4000 dollars a year and goes up, and the cost of an assistant to heat it up, or heating it up yourself and losing about 30-50% of your daily productivity doing that instead of gathering the color from the pot.

If you aren't using the SCR for managing your power loading, you will replace a lot of elements. That will still translate into downtime I don't have. My transformer cost 900 bucks and will last the rest of my life. There is no known lifespan on the elements unless you break them yourself. I never have to worry about what I am limited in melting. My furnace gets very hot, way hotter than 2250F which will kill your elements dead and like the energizer bunny just keeps going and going. My electric bill averages 500 a month or so. This is comparable to my gas systems.
I have built wire melters in the past, mostly small ones. They are repair intensive little critters.There is no comparision between the two systems for versatility. It's a question of what you can afford and how much versatility you demand from your furnace. I want a lot.

If you really want to argue about being ecologically sensitive blowing glass is an enormous energy consuming joke on the planet no matter how you do it. No one who blows glass should claim that they are "greener" than someone else.
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