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David Paterson
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I actually agree with you on your last point! I am certainly no "greener" than any other glassblower.

However, I am trying to challenge peoples thinking. The energy bill is often an insignificant part of the overall cost on a large operation, such as Chihuly's, where as in a one person studio, it simply means you have to work harder, often making some trinket, to pay the extra costs.

If the gas bill is $1000 a month instead of $500 (mine is about $500 Can dollars), then the extra $6000 in cost for using a poorly designed furnace is an extra 600 Christmas balls at $10.00 each. Perhaps an extra week of work for no reason.

My first wire furnace was very small, ran on the power of two toasters, and melted three little pots of color. It sat on the floor and the lid rolled back and forth, using garage door rollers, so you could gather easily from the top. The lid worked so well I adapted it to my larger wire furnace.

For me, the point of the wire furnace was to use it to melt larger pots of color on occassion, and to do that at a reasonable cost.

When we live in a culture that consumes about a third of all the worlds energy, while famine is still quite common in the world, it oddly still seems easy to argue for "better" over cheaper, when better glass quality certainly isnt noticed on those extra 600 balls.

By the way, the energizer bunny died recently. That poor little guy who just keeps going and going died from too much sex.

Someone put his batteries in backwards and he just kept coming and coming.
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