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David Williams
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Originally posted by Richard Huntrods
Geez - you molly minders just won't quit, will you? I get less flack from the gas melters.

Sometimes wire is the ONLY way to go.

1. Wire is boatloads of money cheaper to build. Also way simpler (no huge transformers and all that other stuff)
2. Wire furnaces take up way less space than molly rigs. For very small shops, a wire furnace may be all that will fit.
3. For the "weekend warrior" glassblower, I cannot see any scenario short of winning a lottery where Molly would make more sense than wire.

Besides, This is a "wire furnace" thread. We don't got no molly religion here!


Hiya Richard, I think the reason moly comes up in these threads isn't because anyone is trying to sell you, its just the far better and believe it or not, cheaper way to go. I know its hard to hear that because the allure of getting a studio up on the cheap is so strong. Believe me I know. No one could steer me away from building a wire furnace, I had to find out for myself. But if you're a smart cookie you'll listen, and save your money and build a moly. I wish I had made that decision before I built my wire furnace. Its really not so much more expensive. All the refractories have to be purchased anyway, and the controller. The extra money is in the electronics--the transformer and scr. The elements cost a bit more in the short term, but averaged over the life of your furnace the cost of moly elements will be FAR less. Plus, if you are a weekend warrior the moly elements can handle frequent cycling up and down where wire won't. Hey buddy I'm just saying it to help you out, take it or leave it.
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