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What do you mean by SCR? Do you mean a straight "digital relay" or something more exotic?

Also, what type of transformer is required - can you give me a rough idea of the current and the primary and secondary voltages? I realize there's a whack of design involved, but I'm just looking ballpark (i.e. 20-50 amps 240V primary xxxV secondary is quite different than say a Neon transformer).

How do people normally place the moly elements, and how many are normally used? Again, I know this is part of the design, but are we talking 2 elements, 4 or 6 for a small (< 100lbs) furnace?

Finally, is there a standard size moly element?

The thing is, this furnace is already built. I'm using digital relays + a Watlow controller. The furnace has a 1 cu ft. heating chamber, 40lb crucible. Would molly even fit in this little puppy, or are we talking a whole new furnace?


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