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David Williams
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Originally posted by Richard Huntrods

What do you mean by SCR? Do you mean a straight "digital relay" or something more exotic?

Also, what type of transformer is required - can you give me a rough idea of the current and the primary and secondary voltages? I realize there's a whack of design involved, but I'm just looking ballpark (i.e. 20-50 amps 240V primary xxxV secondary is quite different than say a Neon transformer).

How do people normally place the moly elements, and how many are normally used? Again, I know this is part of the design, but are we talking 2 elements, 4 or 6 for a small (< 100lbs) furnace?

Finally, is there a standard size moly element?

The thing is, this furnace is already built. I'm using digital relays + a Watlow controller. The furnace has a 1 cu ft. heating chamber, 40lb crucible. Would molly even fit in this little puppy, or are we talking a whole new furnace?


No one should mistake me for a moly expert. SCR stands for silicon controlled rectifier which is a fairly common piece of electronics. What you should do is search the archives where there is tons of info on this. Study up, and come back and ask Steve what you need to know.
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