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you can learn it on your own but I think you are better off hiring Steve as a consultant. There's a peculiar stage where people want to get something for nothing and I suppose it's human nature. It happens with me and people calling about glass chemistry all of the time.

I had finally matured enough when I needed to know about Moly's that I just bit the bullet and bought the plane tickets to Oregon. That was a risk. By the time I was paying to fly Steve to New Mexico, it wasn't a risk at all anymore.Before that, I had been promised a reasonable moly system for over a year by someone else. Push came to shove and they couldn't/wouldn't deliver. That furnace that Steve showed me how to wire would have involved my making tons of critical mistakes, and the acquired knowledge will be with me for a lifetime. I do the same thing with the color. If people really want to know how to do it, they pay me 1500 bucks and spend the work week with me being overwhelmed. Steve is paying me to take that course in three weeks.
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