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David Paterson
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Thanks very much. I didnt search the archives because I follow this board quite closely and didnt recall the thread.

I agree that moly seems fantastic in many ways. A quick search on the internet for molybdenum elements from china turned up two sources that would obviously be cheaper than US based products.

When I designed my wire melter a year ago, I looked into both moly and silicon carbide enough to realize that they were too complicated design wise for my purposes. Also expensive in that I wasnt aware of the China option.

I agree with Pete that everyone's situation is different. I dont presently melt my own color, although I used to melt a few pots of color in a small wire melter. Now, I design a lot of my work to minimize the intensive use of color, and show the brilliance of the clear glass. I also use a lot of lustres and metallics on my work, which are surprisingly cheap.

One thing I think that most people dont pay enough attention to is the energy consumption of their furnaces, in at least some cases that I am personally familiar with. A friend of mine, a woman, bought a Correll pot furnace, because she "didnt want to be a furnace builder", even though she had seen me build two invested pot furnaces (typically, they take 2 days of work). Now she works a few extra weeks a year doing production work, compared to me, just to pay the extra costs. I usually go to the Carribean with the money I save for the same length of time. And she never uses the theoretically better glass quality that is available in her $20,000 Can dollar setup.
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