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OK - I'm now melting Spruce Pine batch in my wire furnace.

I ramped the furnace up to 2150 at 100F/hour (with a couple of hours wait at 900, 1000 and 1100 due to the quartz inversion).

Once the crucible was at 2150, I started ladelling in the batch - about 15-20% of the crucible volume at a time. I let each fill start melting down for about 2 hours before adding more.

I'm currently sitting at about 1/2 full on my 40lb. crucible. (4pm, 1/11/2004)

Reading prior posts, Dave Bross melts homemade batch (if I read Dave's posts correctly) in his wire furnace. He fills at 2050 and then cooks at 2250.

Likewise, I'm going to cook at 2250. I just haven't decided whether or not to fill the crucible full at 2150 first, or start cooking when it's half full.

(remembrances of my first disaster with a full crucible).

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