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It's not time to celebrate yet. I've been here before without incident.

Last time the problem came when I heated to 2400 because the cullet wasn't behaving as expected. I now know the real problem was "mass-temp lag". That is, the heating chamber said 2200, but the center mass of the cullet was nowhere near that.

This time I started with an empty crucible at 2150 (heated 100F per hour). Due to the way this furnace behaves (learmed while empying out after the disaster), using the ramp function pretty much guarantees accurate temp in the heating chamber and in the crucible.

I'm still melting down the charges at 2150. The batch is melting down very nicely to flat between charges. I'm not making the mistake of charging too soon, either (almost did that at 10:30 am today, but then I thought better of it). I still have at least one more charge before I cook the glass at 2250.

It looks like I'll start the cooking this evening, and let it go all night. I want to start early enough that I can monitor the cook to catch/avoid any problems.

Once it's cooked and I start the squeeze - THEN I can celebrate!!! I have a bottle of Guinnis waiting...

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