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Expense is the biggest reason for not wanting to use a relatively large proportion of lithium but it also has a bad rep as a very aggrssive flux. My feeling is though (without actual data to back me up) that by the time you replace the fluxing action of the lithium with something else whatever you come up with will be just as corrosive.

I can't remember when I started putting a measured COE in the sales material. I think fairly recently and likely when everyone else started talking about COEs and stuff and started to look at the 87 as a standard. No more than 8-10 years at the most but I'd have to check and I didn't always keep good records of when I made changes. It seems like it became more of an issue when the Dichroics came out and people wanted to use them in their furnace worked glass and the 90 standard stuff would not work with the SP 87. And likely after Pete learned how to build and operate a a dilatometer.
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