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Durk Valkema
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"Kugler and company all use GLASMA 70 or 71, I forget which but it is their proprietary batch. It has a predetermined L.E.C, which they add colorants to. It explains why Kugler is all over the map. John and I both made the colour first, and then adjusted the glass to a 96."
That's Bullshit
Excuse me but Kugler was there decades before Glasma ever was thought of. Kugler started to line up with Glasma just to provide a base glass that would hopefully fit there range of colour glass to all of those studio melters, if people where able to melt it in the first place.
The basics of "Kugler crystal" mixed by Glasma has absolutely nothing to do with the different base glass that Kugler Colour or rather frau Fridrich develops her colour ranges around, other than the two fit most of the time hopefully.
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