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Originally posted by Pete VanderLaan
Is this that green that was a square stick and came from the phillips plant in NY along with the opaque white stick about three years back? Secondly , who did the dilatometry tests? Do you really know firsthand that it was tested? That's what I mean about the suppliers.
No, it is an opal green (NS jade) manufactured by Northstar. Paul Trautman did the dilitometer tests in an attempt to discover the reason for the cracking problem. I believe he did them and related the true results to me because there was no reason for him not to. I might be suspicious if I were not such a close friend of his. He divulged the results to me while were discussing what the problem could be if not the LEC. That is when we first discussed the possibility of viscosity curves... which is why bells went off when Lani mentioned it.

I might be wrong... the jade problem may be entirely different from what is being discussed here... but I am still reading this thread egerly every day (instead of working like I should be) anyway.
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