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David Williams
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Originally posted by Eben Horton
heres a story that will make you feel better about the chance that you might not get good glass.

It was a friday and I needed a full pot on monday, so I threw in about a bag and a half of spruce pine on top of the glass that was left in my 225 pounder I had at the time.. After I dumped the glass in, I went out to get a beer and totally forgot to turn up the furnace. It was at 2100 from a days blowing, and it sat for the weekend at 2100. On monday I came in prepared to fiddle with my partlow and it was only then that I realized that I never turned it up to charge/cook/sqeeze. I totally freaked out and figured I would have to either re-cook the batch that was unmelted, or ladle out all the uncooked crap and start over... believe it or not, the glass was totally perfect... no bubbles, no un cooked batch, no chords nothing...

so I don't see why 2250 wouldn't work with a longer soak... heck, maybe 2100 is what you might want to do and let it sit for a weekend.


That makes me feel better Eric. I like to keep my weekends free for cavorting anyway.

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