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David Williams
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First I was going to coil rubber hose around an inner sonotube and cast my element groove right into the castolite. Then I got that old kiln from my neighbor. Well that didn't work out but it got me thinking. So I called up S.P.S. and ordered one of their standard 18"x18" kilns but without the kiln sitter and with apm elements. I had them add another ring of brick at the bottom so when the pot unloads the elements'll be high and dry. And I had the make the pigtails 12" to go through the 7"frax all around. all that was just a little more than base price, because no sitter. When it gets here I'm going to carve a drain and pour 2" mizzou to anchor my hardbrick pedestal and make a better floor. For the crown I'm just going to castolite ring like a GH door with frax gasket in between and extend the existing hinges up and use the existing lid as the door. And I'm getting an SCR.

What the hell am I doing on the computer I'm so freakin behind! Til monday,


Originally posted by Pete VanderLaan
The extended cook time and the 2250 are right. ten hours plus after the last charge is what I keep hearing. Size of the crucible will also be critical.
Brioni has suggested to me that element life can really be extended by using alumina support rods in the inner coil of the elements. This makes a lot of sense to me. I think that coupling up the alumina rod with an SCR could really help get a handle on element replacements.
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