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Originally posted by F Thumb

2120F 24/7. But I use cullet (I like fining out in a twelve hour cycle). The hope for the ST150 is that it will melt batch and still maintain 9-12 months life cycle between element change out*. When I get my own ST100 swapped out for one of the new ST150s I was planning on trying the Gaffer batch.

*Though my own ST100 had to swap out elements after the first five months, it was largely due to a glass spill that ran down the bank of elements. The sister unit to that ST100 is still going strong seven months later - and with NICHROME wire. This encourages me that 9-12 months with A1 should be attainable.

I'll bet you a 12 pack that if you switch to gaffer batch your production #'s will go down. The batch's work time is almost double that of every cullet I've used. So.. thats more time you'll be squirting the ol air hose on those balls...
just my thoughts
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