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Bryan Harnois
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Steve, so OK, it looks like the way to go is just to use the two SCR to transformer to element legs from the beginning, and this is made even more palatable by the fact that when I checked on the transformers to make sure they had a 60V secondary tap they didn't, but a model that does is actually a standard stocked item and $100 less ( $300 each ) so that is reasonable to get the redundancy. I'll just have to ponder the issue of 18" above the pot vs 28 " full length elements for a bit : do others out there have ideas of which way they would tend to go?

The other thing I was interesed in relates to the photos Pete took on his visit to Portland, in particular those of the cold zones passing through a brick up to the electrical connections. For hot swapping elements, you obviously would set up one of these ahead of time, pull the bad element and ease the new one down through the frax and into the hole in the crown....what did you do to key the end of the brick to the hole in the crown to get a proper fit?

Others comments on refractories etc are welcomed

Thanks Bryan
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