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Yeah, there isn't any kind of tin that 's inexpensive. I was basing my perception of the expense based on having to buy a large quantity to get any.
Just another "I brake for hallucinations" kind of thing.

I'll take the door, of course, but I also think there's value in having alternative ways to go. When we finally turn ourselves into a sub-third world nation and China is vacuuming up ALL the really cool minerals we may need ways to make things with alternative materials.
That, and I only melt 10-15 pounds of color at a time so I don't mind it being "educational" in the sense of having to toss it.

I also probably should have best stated the reduction/oxidation explanation in terms of your having to have the CORRECT level of oxygen in the glass, and you would reduce that level down or oxidise it up to get where you want to be.

I got that angle researching the answer to the "why the nitrate" question I kept asking Pete about cad-selenium glasses. The answer being that selenium glasses are probably the most particular about having exactly the right amount of oxygen. If you're off, the selenium switches valence into the invisible zone.

Aaaah. I just love getting the ol'timers riled up. Good for 'em to have to keep all us whippersnappers in line. Heheheheh!
Art is not a's a way.

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