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Kevin Bethea
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I just replied to Pete that'd I would go with the minimum. I hope I didn't make you spend money you didn't want to since you already had some and don't need it this moment. I guess pete hasn't placed the order yet either so if you don't want to be stuck with it all then we can ask pete real nicely and I am sure he would adjust the order and we can split what you are getting some way. I could get by with a few pounds in my small operation over here but I want to get my hands on it bad enough I am willing to dig deep if I have to. If you want to hang on to what you are getting since it's hard to find then I will be fine with the extra $30 to meet the minimum order. I am going to do some live glassblowing next weekend with a traveling studio and if I make a few things I was told I could put them on their table to sell so maybe it'll work out and not be a problem at all. If not then I'll have fun anyway. If you prefer to split up what you are getting because you go it just for my benefit or something then well handle it that way.
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