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Kevin Bethea
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Thanks Pete and Dave. I think it's be best to just buy a little to start with so I'll PM Dave and we'll work out the rest. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for dealing with it. I really appreciate the kindness from both of you. I don't think I would have hit the big time anyway but I just found that I have to take a stupid standardized test thing on the same day I was going to do the demos and try to sell some stuff for the first time but maybe next time I'll get to make my first sale. I was looking forward to it too. My copy of modern glass practice arrived today and it's in excellent condition. I have read a couple chapters so far and it's very interesting. I told some people at school about buying it and they couldn't believe I found a copy so thanks for the lead on where to find it, Dave. I checked out Daven's ceramics and it looks like I can get anything else I need from them. I'll do some more research and get more stuff together and then I'll let you guys know when I start to try something. I need to stock up on fritted cullet too but I'll do that soon so I can get started.
Thank you,
kevin bethea
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