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Kevin Bethea
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Thanks for the tip on the ice blue. I'll play with the copper and see what I end up with. My figure drawing teacher really is awesome. It was funny because she was encouraging and then in the same sentence she popped in her remark. She's good at that. Zack is actually really good friends with her and I think that's how he ended up going to our school so that was meant for him I guess. She reminds me of my great grandmother who was the biggest art influence in my life. When I was young I would stay with her in the summer and work in the fields with my great uncle during the day and then my great grandmother and I would make ceramics when we were done working. When she would see me doing something she didn't like she would yell, "What? Are you stupid?" and it worked every time. I have learned a lot about drawing from my teacher and she takes time to explain negative space and all sort of things to me eventhough I have never taken a drawing class before. She calls em like she sees em some times but I wouldn't trade her for the world. She just thought it was so funny when she found out Zack was talking about me. I got a good grade on my drawing that day too. I was going to mix some red by the recipie we have at school today but someone wrote over the original recipie in the color book so we decided to wait. I have no idea why but we didn't know how much copper corbonate, tin oxide, cream of tartar and I think iron to add because the numbers are all wrong now. I don't think it would have worked anyway but I can't wait to show them up one of these days when I get my red right. hopefully anyway.
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