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Tink Martin
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Pete, you're the best! So when are you coming to Toledo to do a color class????

I have three 7 lb crucibles in my little electric cooker. I figure I'll do one pot with the recipe as given, then change something (not sure what yet) in each of the other pots so that I can compare results. Keeping excellent notes, of course.

So when I traipse up to Detroit to pick up the ingredients, is there anything specific I need to know? For instance, in looking at my supplier's website, Rovin Ceramics, here's what I see as far as Ferrous Oxide:

Iron Oxide - Red Spanish - Fe2O3 - This bright red iron oxide is the most common and economical form. If a recipe calls for iron oxide, use this product. It gives yellows at 2% and browns at 8%.

Iron Oxide - Red/Precipitate - Fe2O3 - A highly concentrated, pigment grade of iron oxide. More expensive than Red Spanish, but due to its higher concentration, will impart more intense colors, especially catsup

I think the Red/Precipitate sounds pretty cool.

I need to call then and see if they have Black Tin and Silver Nitrate, though I'm pretty sure they do.

I'm also looking forward to your response to Scott's post.

Thanks so much!
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