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Cooling the element tops keeps the fiber from melting into nothing, it keeps the passage brick from melting into nothing, It keeps the 0000 wire insulation from vanishing and the porcelain clamp from turning to powder. Anything that hits those parts at 2300F or higher is going to eventually dine on it. The element makes it to 2800F.

Cooling the buss block in the transformer keeps the aluminum buss bar from melting and going down in to the coils where if it goes through the enamel coating on the copper windings, you will need a new transformer.

These furnaces require vigilant maintenance and they can be wonderful.

And yes the small Stadelman furnace is underinsulated. It also cost 1/4 of the larger units. It was not designed as a production furnace but rather for the weekend glassblower. Steve always made that clear.
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