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Dan Vanantwerp
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My chalcedony has become very dark, swirless and seemingly colorless...sometimes it looks amber, sometimes blue and when I peer at it from certain angles even green. This color still forms upon cooling but the colloidal strands look like fine threads with little color variation. Seems like what Pete has described as small molecules that occur with too much silver or black tin. That, and the colors I see, suggest to me that I've got too much metal; the iron, silver and copper may be hanging out in the bottom of my small pots and corrupting my attempts at a calculated mixture.

If this is true it must happen to those who mix colors alot. I worried about "drilling" these pots but they seem to be holding up well. At the end of a shift, I dump their contents and make frit. It use to work well to remelt this frit both that has gone off as well.

Would a periodic clear wash make sense...or even a 50% metals batch to try and achieve the proper final mixture? Wondering if this is a common problem.

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