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I do wash frit and powder after making color and running the chunks through the crusher. I could own a second crusher that does ultra fines but that's another 6K, so I capture the stuff that broke up that way in the first place.

First the ore is run through screens from Gilson. I have about ten differing meshes in 18 x 18 drawers. It used to be automated with one on top of the other but I stopped that after leaving Santa Fe. Now it's hand work. The ore separates into varying grit sizes and than goes in a big stainless food prep tray from the navy.It has water added, it's stirred and the residue is discarded unless I think there's some valuable fines in it in which case it's evaporated.

I usually put about 20 lbs of ore in the tray at a time, stir constantly, and rinse as necessary until the water comes clear. Then it is allowed to evaporate on the burners until totally dry. Then it goes into bags marked with the frit size.

It's simple. You just have to be anal retentive and compulsive to do it. The crusher sadly is not actually a low maintenance machine. It chews up parts. Mine needs a few replaced that are hard to get to. Essentially, it's a beastly Archimedian wedge.
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