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Originally Posted by Rick Wilton View Post
I had to get my self built kilns inspected for CSA approval (in Canada) what a complete waste of $400.00 I called "intertek" and they sent a guy over with a laptop and nothing else. He didn't inspect a damn thing, didn't even open the panel, the wiring could have been undersized, ungrounded literally anything could have been going on. All he wanted was the $400.00 for the three certification stickers. I told him the specs ie watts, amps, voltages etc and away he went. Absolute cash grab and nothing more.
That's pretty much what UL does as well. You do a basic demo, then they take 10K and you get a book of stickers. They'll be back in a year.

In the fire service there is this organization called "insurance Service Organization" They grade the effectiveness of a dept in an individual set of tests. I don't think they leave their offices much at all. In New Mexico, your rating determined your funding from the State.

But UL is worse. You are the cow, you will be milked.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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