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I had a pallet of some really bad nuggets as well. They were very dusty, about 15 lbs of dust per bag and the nuggets were almost white and very hazy. When I would melt the stuff I had huge snotty clear chunks that wouldn't melt and the biggest cords I have ever seen. I thought my furnace got old over night or something, I mean I get the occasional cord but this was unreal some of these chunks of unmeltable stuff would be a 1/4" thick rock. Anyways I melted two runs from another pallet and my glass was normal again then tried another bag of the old stuff and boom they were back.
I talked to Phil and they replaced the glass with a new pallet that had about 700 lbs from the same run. So I just made the switch to the 2.0 nuggets, I will wash the pot this weekend and start the 2.0 next week. Hope this solves the problems. I will post some images and the melt date later, its all down in the shop.
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