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Jay Holden
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Originally posted by steve stadelman
I was in the service, what do you do at Fort Mother Rucker Jay?
"Grin" Fort Mother Rucker is where I'm Retiring to Steve. I'm an aviation buff and I have friends at Rucker that let me play with the governments toys when I visit. Course now that they are buttoned down from all this terrorisum stuff It may be a little harder to get them to let me play. My pals down there are Heli pilots and they also fly R/C (radio control) Drones. I and my son are R/C pilots and I also fly ultra lites and helicopters. Been doing it for 25yrs. It's my second passion next to blowing glass. When I retire (which may be in 3yrs) I'm moving to enterprise Alabama which is just outside the Fort. Have you been there Steve? If you have I'll say Hi to the Bol Weavle for you.
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