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It seems to me that holding at 2170 is a lot of stress in itself. That would be really hot glass to work with.

Did you check your connections after you first fired up? Connections get loose when they are turned on, then, unchecked, they arc. Did they fail near the split bolt or was it inside the kiln?

Most of the wire in this country comes from Kanthal. There is a French source which ostensibly is excellent stuff. Kanthal has been known to have bad batches on fairly rare occasions but I think the operator application is the more likely source of the problem here. Both Mike and Richard are right respectively. Duralite is a good source for both elements and wire and how you hook up the kiln is actually critical to success. I think you need to ask and answer some questions about your process but I doubt that the element itself is the problem unless you used something totally inappropriate to your kiln's needs. You don't even say what gauge wire you used.
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