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Somewhere here there's a link to Jordan's element calculator, or he may pop up and post it.
The only link I found in a quick search was dead. I'm pretty sure there's a live one here.

I selected these from a search here on "watt loading" which is critical to understand for wire melters. I couldn't find the actual math for calculating watt loading but it's here somewhere. Easier to just use someones calculator for that anyway:

There's lots more info to be had here via search.

I won't rehash using variacs for temp control because you're using the digital equivalent.

I do wonder if the dropped voltage from using a variac is helping with the extended element life. It's well proven that incandescent 120v bulbs run at 110 volts or less will last almost forever as opposed to the 120v. Who remembers the little wafer resistors they sold in the 60s/70s to put in the sockets under the bulb?
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