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sounds like we do not have the only wire melter.tim here......chantal bought an aims 1715 80 lb melter from a lampworker 6 years ago as a way to help her do short stints of production. i also built her a 12 inch glory with pine ridge ribbon burner. it worked okay, but was flimsy , a poor lid setup, and controller.I tried to improve on it, decided to build same idea w bricks on the flat and 2 inches frax 3 years ago. so its better but after looking over the responses from you all I have a slightly better one. Chantal will need to be hot for july. We will run cooler till the spectrum is gone and go back to spruce (YAY) and insulate more. I will get some elements from duralite. Any more info on the french wire will be great. This has tought me a lot to be grateful for the 17 years we got with our moly 200 lb. Thanks for all the past and future help. As i need to not own a glass shop any more, Chantal will be using your sage advice to help her run the studio. If all goes well I will be the old guy who just get to play with the glass......tim
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