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jtglobes no more?

Originally Posted by Tom Fuhrman View Post
Glass companies have been making 10000s maybe millions of "gazing balls for peoples yards for years, probably as long as most of us have been alive. What has this world come to with too damn many lawyers with no pay checks. It used to be that one would last a year or 2 and maybe longer and then it would get broken and required it get replaced. Built-in replacement market kept a lot of factories in business. Smith and sons in S. Ohio made 1000s and they never even annealed them. Dave Bross and I visited them many years ago and they didn't even own an annealer but sold 10,000s of them over a period of 30+ years. $15 would get you a 10"-12" globe.
I found the web site:

But the email contact information did not work . Fair enough - the price list is from 2008...
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