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It's not just glass operations Tom. It's really everywhere. When Henry approached me to do an update on the batching section of Glassnotes IV I could really only say that in a ten year period, virtually all of the suppliers I had mentioned were gone.
Today, I am actually low on certain materials that I use in the shop although I had surmised I brought lifetime supplies from New Mexico. Now? Finding 15T microgrit is evasive. Rose laps were bought up and are unaffordable. No one makes a 500 grit belt for a dynafile in aluminum oxide anymore. No one rebuilds the tool either. Rodell pads don't exist. Nothing has replaced those things either.Chemicals in bulk is actually a major pain. Oxidizers are hard to get shipped and every studio site is now designated as either residential or commercial and it you are residential, you'll get gouged on shipping costs or just outright refused. I actually had a large chemical supply house tell me that there's no such thing as potassium carbonate.

Now I have to shoo acolytes off the lawn again. time for the sedatives again. I can sense the nurse coming with the injection.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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