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Dan Vanantwerp
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Question for post from Dave

Hi Dave, you posted this a while back...

"Throwing in about 20-25 grams of black tin per 10# glass (preferably batch for better mixing) with any glass you're melting = instant reduction glass.

Reduced clear on top of reactive glasses = fun. Reduced clear frit on top of reactive glasses = more fun.

This will radically change or disappear some colors so if you're thinking of doing it with a colored glass check with us first.

As already mentioned, you don't need to do this with colors that require reduction to exist, such as copper ruby, silver glasses. etc."

What colors are "Reactive" to you, if not the silver glasses? I looked at the reactive colors in opaque and transparent from Olympic and they are mostly the Iris colors which are silvers. There are others, but I was curious what you defined as the reactive colors.

Bead makers have the best color tricks, IMHO
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