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Originally Posted by Dan Vanantwerp View Post
That's a first for me. Given that they mention manganese at all makes me really question that statement. Manganese went out years ago and was globally replaced with Cobalt and selenium which in turn was replaced by Erbium. I don't know a single person who does that. I use erbium if I need to. Cerium would certainly be less expensive. I tend to buy clean enough silica to not really have to do it at all. Short Mountain is very clean stuff. Further, if you are combining virtually any color in your work, you would never notice the difference between a decolorized glass and an untreated one.
Gold and silver glasses are reactive with each other as with copper. Silver is the influence in making Gold glasses change from simple rubies to iris etc.

Adding black tin to a clear is kind of setting up a dog fight between glasses poor in oxygen and glasses that are rich in oxygen. I used to watch others in Santa Fe pouring enormous amounts of silver into clear cullet to get the same reactions one would expect in an oxygen poor glass.
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