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Dan Vanantwerp
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I can see where it could be called green...sort of lemon-limeish (brand name: limelight).

I was curious about silver chloride accents and read your posts (and Dave's) about it flowing on reduced clear glass. It worked. I never had the silver flow like that before. I gathered over it and seemed like it flowed out between the gathers. Is that even possible? I used way too much. I'm always experimenting and trying to find techniques to potentially combine and find something "unique". For this experiment, I was trying to combine silver chloride accents and chalcedony. The flowing silver overwhelmed everything and I'll have to try again.

It really wasn't very hard to make Cristalica reducing at least at my 6000ft altitude.

BTW silver chloride chunks are available from US pigment for those who don't have a stash of silver nitrate, or nitric acid and a bunch of coins. Fun stuff. I've made silver bromide from Pete's and Henry's instructions and it was a little easier to handle...less chalky. Of course my bromide stuff was very fresh and the chloride may have been on the shelf a while.

I'm hoping to get 100 lbs of your batches from Jim to get a feel for the viscosity and melting. I love the way the older formula works. Thanks so much, Pete.
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