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Occasionally, you will also see such pieces made without electrodes. By using a special base with power supply that emits a high frequency energy field, it is possible to light up a piece wirelessly. You would, however, still need to tubulate the piece with a section of 5 or 6 mm diameter tubing in order to evacuate the piece while baking out the impurities, then backfilling on a manifold with your noble gases of choice. The only missing step would be the induction heating of the electrode(s) to incandescence.

If you are crafty enough with methodical pre-heating, and flame annealing, you can get away without many of the steps above by attaching electrodes (or tubulating) with a torch from a cold start, on a previously annealed piece of glass. Having a particularly thin wall on your blown piece is likely to factor in to your success with the endeavor.

In my experience, some of the plasma art and single electrode work seems to be a bit more forgiving in terms of processing purity, compared to traditional luminous tubing that is processed by electrical bombardment with a large high voltage transformer.
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