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well, was that an auction for GAS, or for Pilchuck and are those numbers remotely accurate? I'm not clear and I pay almost no attention to it. That's a huge number for GAS.

The only time I've given to one of those auctions, John Bartell bought the piece at full retail which surprised me as it wasn't cheap. There was only one other person that year to do that, Dinah Hewlitt. Otherwise it all went at .10 on the dollar which is embarrassing for the artist and inevitably you will hear the buyer crowing about what they had to pay. It's not just true of GAS auctions, it's a problem everywhere. I will get requests from groups I never hear from and never hear from their members. The underlying message is "You don't have any investment in the piece anyways." So, it sells for nothing, poorly promoted and the charity gets next to nothing as well. It's an all around loser.
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