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Originally Posted by Barb Sanderson View Post
My question now is that I am starting to have range of motion issues in my right (dominant) shoulder. Any ideas what this could be? Great thread btw Mark!
Caveat in that such things should always be properly diagnosed by a medical pro, I would suggest rotator cuff. I say diagnosed as there are several ligaments in the shoulder and any one of them can be 'rotator cuff'.

Mine's the inner one, both shoulders. Almost destroyed the right one with years of very heavy swimming. It took 3 years of physio but it came back to 95%. Now the left one's gone bad (lifting scuba tanks & weights teaching), but I'm just repeating the physio exercises and it's come back about 60% so far. Occasional naprocen (Aleve - without additives) to control inflamation.

Weird thing - blowing glass actually makes it feel better. Maybe it's all the heat.

I also concur with icing the injury.
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